Conversion, LLC, makers of the wildly popular Guess the 90s have made a new game called Guess the Emoji! In this game, you have to guess what noun corresponds to a set of emojis.

If you’re great with ideograms and love emojis, then Guess The Emoji is the game for you. In order to master all the levels, you’ll need to be able to connect a chain of emoji icons so that you can come up with the mystery word. From actions to places to moves, you’ll never know what Guess The Emoji is going to come up with. Whatever the image is, it’s up to you to try and figure out just what the image is trying to convey.

Not only is this game going to sharpen your wits, but you’re also going to have a great time doing so. With one hundred levels and ten puzzles in each, this picture trivia game is going to keep you occupied for days on end. This chart topping mobile picture trivia game is prefect for long road trip, your subway commute or just a relaxing night in your bed.

So what are you waiting for!?Guess the Emoji is available for iOS and Android so you have no excuse for not downloading it right now. Play the hottest emoji themed game today! Oh, and remember, if you get stuck you can find all of the answers and cheats right here on this site.

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