Are you tired of the same old bland and boring emoji games? If so, you’re going to love Emoji Plus’ Find The Emoji. You can download Find The Emoji right now, for free, on all iOS devices. If you find yourself stuck at any point and time, you can find all the Find The Emoji Answers and Cheats right here.

So how is Find The Emoji different from all the emoji based mobile games? Well, friend, this innovative new picture trivia game takes the basic emoji formula and flips it on it’s head. Forget about trying to solve a mystery word with a chain of emoji icons. In this game, you’ll get the word. But it’s going to be up to you to figure out what emojis make up the phrase.

For example, when you begin the game, you’ll be shown your word and a bank of emojis. That’s right. The ol’ letter bank is gone. Instead, you’ll need to take the emojis and combine them so that they make up the particular phrase. For instance, you may find you word begin puppy love. From there, you will need to select the dog emoji and the heart emoji. Seems easy enough, right?

find the emoji answers

Guess again! Since this game completely redoes the genre, all of the questions are going to be fresh and therefore more difficult. But fear not, emoji lover. We’ve got you back with all the Find The Emoji answers!