New emojis are on the horizon, and we’re starting to think the Unicode Consortium is screwing with our heads on purpose. What else can explain all these nutty new emojis they’ve just announced? The nonprofit organization has been in charge of special characters and images used online and in software since 1991. Recently, they’ve helped the world fall in love with texting without words. People are using a huge variety of ridiculous new emojis to create stories and pictures on their phones. We’re glad of some of them–how would we play Guess the Emoji without the fire and poo icons?–but others are just laugh-out-loud funny. Check out the cream of the crop below.

Raised Hand With Part Between Middle And Ring Fingers

Ah, the old flip of the bird! Honestly, we’re shocked that it’s taken so long to include this in a new emoji rollout. We would have assumed the world’s rudest finger was in the cards from day one. But now it’s on the fast track to be the most-used emoji of all time. Now you can express how much you hate your ex in a text without even using words!

Man in Business Suit Levitating



In contrast to #1, there’s this thing, which is…huh. It’s definitely a thing that exists. The question is, why? Is this man from a shadowy government organization whose members have supernatural powers? Are the Men in Black real? These might be dangerous questions.

Increase/Decrease Font Size Symbol

We’ve all been in a situation where we need to tell someone they’re using fonts that are too small or too big, right? Right. This is obviously a very important icon to have at your disposal. We’ll probably use it more often than the middle finger.

Oil Drum

The perfect new emoji to use when you need to beg a member of OPEC for some extra gas to get to your summer home. What did we ever do without emojis?


We’ll be straight with you, readers: we have absolutely no clue what “compression” is going to look like in icon form. What will be compressed? How will they show the motion? Will it be a spring, as shown, or a self-exam for breast cancer? Only time will tell.

No Piracy

For those times you need to tell your friend “Hey buddy, I appreciate the effort, but you’re torrenting a dangerous number of movies right now.”

Derelict House Building

This is potentially the saddest thing on the list of new emojis. Think of the hopes and dreams the emoji people who lived in that emoji house once had. What happened to their emoji lives? Where did all the emoji years go? Seems like just yesterday they were showing their emoji kids the new emoji TV room. And now…it’s all crumbling to emoji dust. Emoji time truly waits for no emoji man.

For the complete list of new emojis, head over to Emojipedia.

Featured image via LockerDome