Words are great and all, but there’s something thrilling about communicating without them. That’s why emojis are so much fun. Not only are they cute and funny, but they often do a better job at conveying what you’re feeling than a text does. From smiley faces to modernist black squares, there’s an emoji for every occasion. That being said, some emojis are definitely better than others (I mean, when are you really going to use the paperclip emoji?). Below we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 emojis to ever grace the cellular screen. Make sure to list your own top ten in the comments!

10. The Classic



Ah, the smiley. The universal ambassador of good will. You really can’t go wrong with this little guy. Just think of how much he enhances your “lol’s” and “haha’s”. Without him, people would think your dry language was sarcastic and insincere (which it is, but, thanks to this emoji, no one will ever know).

9. Preach



Because it’s so much better than saying “I agree.” It’s for all those times your friend texted you “screw it, let’s go to Ihop” and you were so happy you cried. Great things follow the praying emoji. Great things.

8. Dancing Queen



Let’s face it, this isn’t Footloose. It’s not illegal to dance in the world of text messages. On the contrary, it is encouraged. So put on your dancing shoes and show everyone the true you.

7. The Face of Shame



Perfect for when you send out the wrong text to the wrong person. Like that time you sent “I love you so much, pastry puff” to someone who is not your significant other. No amount of backpedaling can save you in these situations, so it’s best to just throw in the towel and show some shame.

6. Coffee Break



This might be a bit biased, but there’s something so soothing about this emoji. It’s like sending someone a Folger’s commercial. You feel more awake just looking at it.

5. Poop Face



This particular emoji defies easy categorization. On the one hand, it’s obvious what it’s used for. After all, almost all of us are guilty of texting on the toilet. However, the smiley face presents a problem. What on earth is it smiling for? What does it mean to send a smiling poop face? It’s hard to say, but it’s clear that this emoji is one of the finest there is.

4. The Cry Baby



Because life’s unfair and there’s nothing we can do about it.

3. Party Time



No one wants to text during a party (unless it sucks). Send this bad boy to all of the people blowing up your phone to simultaneously end conversation and promote how cool you are.

2. Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems



You don’t have money, but you spend it anyway: new clothes, more drinks, an impulsive need to go to brunch. All of these things add up over time, no matter how steeped in denial you are. This emoji is probably the best way to deal with the pain.

1. The Heart



Yes, the Heart emoji. The pièce de résistance. The big Kahuna. It’s impossible to think of a more useful emoji. It saves relationships, romantic or otherwise. A fight isn’t over until someone sends the heart along. You know what they say, love makes the world go round.

Featured image via yeahnah.tv